Writing a poem from stimuli

Watch these videos, and choose one of them to write about it in poem format.

Your poem must be minimum 3 stanzas.

You choose the poetic devices and figurative language you will employ, but you MUST include them.


You have 1 hour to complete this task

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVFhktBnRUs PARTLY CLOUDY

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRuURW_UXfw DAY AND NIGHT


12 thoughts on “Writing a poem from stimuli


    Wake up day, wake up bright day!
    The birds are singing in a beautiful way,
    The pure air of the trees are going away,
    Every flower colors shine more today.

    Wake up night, wake up dark night!
    The nature sleep calm and serene tonight,
    It just let show the city lights bright,
    But the brightness of the stars make you delight.

    Day and night meet at the breaking dawn,
    The brightness that reflect together is overgrown,
    Day and night do not fight any more from now,
    Day and night meet every day in the breaking dawn.

    By J. Crespo

  2. Partly Cloudy

    Another normal day for Mrs. Stork
    on sunny days or in the storm
    she was sweet and naughty,
    and enjoyed giving babys in New York.

    There was also Mr. Cloudy,
    he thought he was happy,
    but his babys weren’t as beauty
    as whose was giving Mr. Sunny.

    Mr. Cloudy cried, oh he cried
    making happy Mrs. Stork, he tried
    but she went to Mr. Sunny
    and again, Mr. Cloudy never smiled.

  3. Partly Cloudy

    There is a beautiful day
    and the cloud dad stay away
    from other clouds making babies,
    so sweet like princess and ladies.

    His partner stork arrive happy,
    waiting for a human or animal to see
    what creature is going to give,
    but a surprise had received.

    The cloud dad make exotic animals
    who are dangerous and no domesticals,
    but his friend stock found a solution
    to adapt the cloud dad inspiration.

  4. Partly Cloudy

    My new friend called Ben

    The white and grey storks are flying,
    the best cloud they’re classifying
    one grey cloud feel sad,
    ‘cause they think he’s bad,
    one approaches, he’s not vying.

    Grey cloud is feeling so happy
    it’s his first sent, the stork feels lucky
    croc’s his delivery,
    he doesn’t like berry
    Stork prefers a little kitty.

    Next day the stork turns back again
    but his classmates gain a ten
    because their cloud are cool
    they don’t need to be fool
    though, he is my new friend called Ben.

  5. Partly Cloudy

    Why are you doing so wrong?
    It suppose you are strong
    you never must doubt whom you are
    and you don’t need a new car
    I’m your friend and need a song.

    you created cocodriles and snakes
    the world didn’t feel afraid
    Is it not about the world you said?
    Is is about a special friend?
    You only had created snakes

    Are you worry about my?
    it dosen´t matter, I’m just me!
    I will be near of you
    even if you create a boo
    Don’t worry for my, I’m just me!

  6. Day and Night

    The day is life and light
    The day is always right
    The day makes you fly
    Run, sing, and fight.

    The day moves from here to there
    And everyone love him as well
    But no everything is light
    Because there is the night

    The night is coming to remind you
    That not at all is about you
    Why don’t you play with him?
    Because we have found something new here.

    A new day has born,
    And a new baby with a stork,
    Arrives in a new home,
    To flood with a lot of love.

    The clouds smile down on the earth,
    Looking at every mom and dad,
    Those show their love,
    To their sons above all.

    Cats, crocodiles, and a little porcupine,
    are sent at the night,
    by carefully lovely storks,
    with patient and strongly effort.

  8. Day and Night

    It’s day and the chicken yelled
    Like if it was at hell
    But I don’t want to wake up
    Because it’s a day to be laid-back.

    Suddenly I face the night
    And we started to fight
    Because we have a different shape
    And I want to have his same fate.

    But we started to realize
    That we both have positive sides
    And when the sunset appeared
    I became the night extremely full of fear


    Birds sing in my soul,
    While the sun has the control.
    I walk miles and miles of shining grass
    And everybody should thank.

    I can see darkness somewhere
    He doesn’t want to stay alive.
    I don’t understand why
    He is full of darkness and I’m full of light.

    My sun is alive,
    His sun is dead.
    My world is on fire,
    But his world has peace.

    We’re both beautiful
    I show him the best
    He shows me the best
    But I think we’ll never be together.

    I wanna be part of his life.
    He wants to be part of my life.
    And when the evening comes,
    It’s time to change our lives.

    By M. Rojas

  10. “Partly cloud”
    A new day for the creative cloud,
    He is creative as god
    and he feels really proud,
    because of feeling as god.

    A new life he has to bring,
    his new job is to create
    a new human being,
    to fulfill a yearning.

    A new family is going to be happy
    and the baby is going to be full of love,
    a sweet baby as a taffy,
    will be carried by a dove.

  11. Day and night

    Lazy bone in lazy flesh
    wandering through the night
    wandering through the life
    passing by the darkest times.

    Crazy thoughts in sane mind
    walking through the day
    walking through the life
    looking for spread the light.

    Nothing to lose nothing to see
    just the expectation of know
    what is going to be
    wait for you looking for me.

  12. Day and Night

    The sunshine is lighting our day
    While the birds are singing calmly,
    The jungle of concrete is walking away
    And people are leading strongly.

    It is the day who can see
    As crystal clear
    Every step of us
    But the night comes out our fun.

    Struggles between the day and night
    Discussing who take the throne in the sky
    Make changes in the spotlight of his fight
    Inviting us to fly

    The day and night find the answer
    That they can live without each other
    So the balance is measured
    But what is pain without pleasure?

    Separated almost 24 hours
    There is a time where they can show their sour
    At the moment when we yawn
    The day and night can be together in the dawn

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