Collaborative Writing Unit 3 Task 2

Publish the General cut-ups work you did earlier (Writing a poem composed entirely of phrases lifted from other sources).

Use the following link so that you present a kinetic version of the poem.

Publish your link here.

Go to the links your classmates will post as well.


6 thoughts on “Collaborative Writing Unit 3 Task 2

  1. The flesh covers the bone
    And they put a mind
    When they said, “You’re a Guy”.

    Some flesh cover
    Some furs and some fluffs
    For more than fate.

    There was a Young Lady of Poole
    Crawling in and out
    Who fell into a basin of broth.

    The one
    Who shrank from sensations of cold
    That ingenious Young Lady of Poole.

    A young man wearing beautiful socks
    Who was staring at the sun
    He didn’t want to give a fuck
    It doesn’t matter because he is blind.

  2. There was an Old Man of the West,
    Who wore a pale plum-coloured vest.
    I want a party with roomfuls of laughter,
    I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter.

    The world’s a bubble, and the life of a man less than span.
    They silenced his clamour,
    Who then to frail mortality shall trust.
    Our own affections still at home to please, is a disease.

    When life is such as candle into the winds,
    They want happiness for their frail life.
    There is no home, no heaven, no refuse,
    The Old Man of the West was happy with his stupid life.

  3. There was an Old Person of Leads
    To bless my spirit now
    and behaved like a bear
    To wander through the snow.

    I’m going to scream
    So promoted his fears
    I want the world
    and ate gooseberry fool.

    I chased a cat to the top of the tree
    So I could party all night
    The cat scratched my sexy face
    And she could do it again and again

  4. There was an old person whose habbits,
    Introduce him to feed upon Rabbits,
    but some very large bees,
    When they cease,
    we are worse in peace,
    Upon which he reliquieesed those habits.

    Can friendsghip’s flower droop on for years,
    No, though the soil be wet with tears,
    while moonbeams falsh and fly so fast,
    she exclaimed “What of that?”
    And on the horizon rest at last.

    Come on, she cried,
    it is a fantactic landscape,
    When we will play with the ice,
    she asked herself “what is that?”
    and she wanted to dance like a wolf,
    It is the most wonderful sky.

  5. There was a young lady whose chin
    never shone in the sunset’s gleam
    then wild in the dark let the lemurs bark
    and purchased a harp.

    Covered with suffering and regret
    the pigs were playing in the dirt
    but actually she didn’t care because
    the ladybirds flying through her knees
    were finally consumed with a kiss
    and when I see them I think that I really want to piss.

  6. There was a Young Lady of Turkey,
    Who went when the weather was murkey;
    Then, in rising day,
    On the grass they play
    The capricians Young Lady of Turkey.

    There was an Old Man of the South,
    Who was trouble with horrible dreams,
    Through the quiet moonlit sky,
    For the stars’ soft eyes alone may see.

    So when they met on the West,
    The wind is whispering verses about love;
    And dreams in the garden.

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